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How does it work?

Simple. Online Coupon News finds the best deals on the web and conveniently locates them in one centralized web site, a "virtual mall" of sorts. The merchants often provide OCN with special links to help you find the best online deals. All you have to do is find what you are looking for and click on the link. When possibel, newer coupons are listed first, then older ones in chronological order. All sales are made directly with the store. All we do is provide you with the information and the links!

Why use OCN?

Many of the stores you find on OCN provide us with Exclusive Coupon Codes, giving you an exclusive savings not available anywhere else.

What does it cost?


Does it cost more when I use OCN?

Nope. You get the same, or better, price as everyone else. Just enter the coupon code or click "Apply Coupon" at checkout.

Do coupons work on clearance items?

Many times they do but it depends on the store, so always check to see that the coupon is applied at checkout.

Do I have to sign up or join anything?

Nope. We don't believe you have to tell us your life history just to get a good deal. We don't gather any data from you, so security is never an issue. However, if you would like to receive the OCN Weekly Newsletter, click the sign-up link below. (coming soon)

Why is there sometimes a better deal when I get to the store?

There are several reasons...

- Not everyone gives us exclusive coupon codes and sometimes better deals are available at the store. OCN feels it's better to show you all the deals and discounts, not just the ones we are able to make with the store.

- Sometimes stores run short-term promotions or deals that are better than the coupons on OCN. We suggest you enter the coupon at checkout as some stores will accept a coupon in addition to the promotion.

- Often stores have a required minimum purchase, either a dollar amount or a quantity.  An OCN exclusive coupon code may be more appealing than meeting a dollar purchase minimum. And, sometimes you don't want to buy three items to get one free.  We let you decide…

If items don't cost more, and it doesn't cost me anything, how does OCN make money?

In a word "advertising." Some merchants pay us to advertise, but not all of them. We publish the best deals, discounts and coupons regardless of whether the store is an advertiser or not.

Got a problem?

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Got a good deal we don't know about?

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