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Wireless-N Home Router WRT120NSave 25%! Wireless-N
Home Router WRT120N
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Wireless-N Home
Router WRT120N-RM

for $34.99


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring IP Camera WVC80N 
Internet Home
Monitoring IP
Camera WVC80N

Our Price: $139.99

Linksys Refurbished
Wireless-N Camera

Our Price: $89.99 

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Cisco - Wired & Wireless Routers, Audio/Video Powerline Adapters, plus the Clearance Outlet & Refurbished Networking Devices

Cisco is the global leader in Wireless and Wired Ethernet networking for consumer and SOHO users. Cisco is dedicated to making networking easy and affordable. Now get huge savings, free shipping and exclusive bundles on the Cisco Media Hub network storage devices. Come in single drive and dual drive RAID ready versions. Every home network needs one to store and share all of the videos, photos, music and other documents. Access the storage device when away from your home network to acess all of your digital files. All products feature a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping!



Cisco Valet 


NEW! Valet Wireless Hotspot and the E-Series Product Family

Let's face it, it's not a wired world anymore. With kids using laptops for homework, mom or dad working or paying the bills online, and your teenager surfing for things you don't want him to see, wireless home networking has become a required part of every home network. The launch of devices such as the iPad only make the problem bigger. However, most of us aren't tech nerds and it’s hard to know which router is right for us. Plus, we are looking for the easiest, fastest and and most secure way to get our wireless network up and running. Right? The Cisco Valet is the solution to your problem. This router has the easiest set up ever and it's only 99 bucks!

Of course, if you are a nerd, then this is a no-brainer and figuring out which plaid shirt to wear will continue to be your biggest daily challenge!

Home Wireless Made Easy. Get the NEW Valet Wireless HotSpot from Cisco today!  Only $99.00

A home router with simple set-up and instillation, fast reliable service, and connection for your computers, game consoles, and mobile devices.

Valet (Best for: Easily connecting your family's computers, games and devices to the Internet)
Valet Plus (Best for: Creating a wireless hotspot with extended range and faster speeds)
Valet Connector (Connecting your home PC to your Valet or Valet Plus)

Powerful Home Networking Performance. Get the New Linksys E-Series Product Family at Cisco Home Products Store!  

Introducing the New Linksys E-Series Product Family.  See our new line of Cisco Linksys routers and adapters that provide powerful home networking performance for your customers’ connected lives:

      • Quick to install—set up a router in minutes with Easy Setup Key.
      • Manage a home network with ease using Cisco Connect software
      • Utilize Dual-band-N that's optimized for speed and wireless entertainment.
      • Keep Internet threats at bay with state-of-the-art security



Network Magic Software now available at Cisco Home Product Store. Helps you monitor and manage your network more easily 

Linksys E-Series bundles now available. Save up to $40 on select E-series products 

Cisco – Linksys® E2100L Advanced Wireless-N Router  $119.00

Wireless-N Simultaneous Dual-Band Router WRT400N $149.99

Wireless-N Dual-Band Router - Gigabit Ports WRT320N New Product $129.99

Wireless-N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Router Gigabit Ports Storage Link WRT610N $199.99

WRT610N-RM – In Stock! Price drops to $98.99 after coupon code + free shipping REFURBISHED Wireless-N Simultaneous Dual-N Band  Router - Gigabit Ports - Storage Link

REFURBISHED Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT320N-RM $74.99

Save 60%! REFURBISHED Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router WRT400N-RM $89.99

Save 25%! Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N Free Shipping & New Lower Price! $59.99

PLK300-RM - Create a wired network using your home power outlets to easily connect devices from one room in home to router that is in another room  $99.99 ($89.91 with 10% off coupon)

Media Hubs (Storage)

Media Hub Home Entertainment Network Storage - 2 Drive Bays No Drives  NMH300 $ 199.99

500GB Media Hub Home Entertainment Network Storage NMH305 $ 279.99

1TB Media Hub Home Entertainment Network Storage with LCD and Media Card Reader NMH410 $ 399.99

Our Most Popular Routers?

Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router $179.99 NEW!

Valet Plus Wireless hotspot $149.99  NEW!

Wireless-N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Router Gigabit Ports Storage Link WRT610N   $199.99

Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band WET610N $99.99

Other Great Deals!

REFURBISHED Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G-RM $ 29.99

REFURBISHED Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet Connections CM100-RM $29.99 ($26.91 with 10% off coupon)

REFURBISHED Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band WET610N-RM $54.99 ($49.49 with 10% off coupon)

Free US Ground Shipping no minimum purchase at  

Make any wired Ethernet enabled device wireless! 

Cisco Home Products Store Certified Refurbished Products

Our online store offers a "best in class" online shopping experience that includes:


Our Most Popular Routers & Media Hubs
(Refurbished units are available for most models shown below)

Wireless-G RangePlus Wireless Router WRT110 

  Wireless-G RangePlus Wireless Router WRT110

The RangePlus Wireless Router is really three devices in one box. First, there's the Wireless Access Point, which lets you connect to the network without wires. There's also a built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100 Switch to connect your wired-Ethernet devices together. Finally, the Router function ties it all together and lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection.

Valet Plus Wireless hotspot 

  Valet Plus Wireless hotspot

Get Connected - Create a wireless hotspot in your home and connect your laptops, desktops, game consoles, and mobile devices to the Internet. Connect your wired devices to your Valet Plus for faster file transfers and streaming entertainment and get expanded wireless coverage for larger homes.

Set Up in Minutes- Simply insert Valet's included Easy Setup Key to launch Cisco Connect software, breeze through the simple screens, and you're wireless.

You're the Boss- Parental controls allow you to limit your kids' time online, block specific sites and/or certain times of the day. Customize the settings on each computer for a safer Internet experience.

Instant Guest Access- Give friends and visitors password access to the Internet but not your private information.

Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router 

Linksys E3000 High Performance Wireless-N Router 

The Power of Dual-Band

A Wireless-N router with simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz bands designed to increase bandwidth. Optimized for smoother and faster HD video streaming, file transfers, and wireless gaming.

Quick to Install - Cisco Connect software has three simple steps to get you set up and your secure Wireless-Network is ready to go. A streamlined user interface allows you to choose from simple to advanced settings with no hassle.

You're in Control - Cisco Connect software helps you customize your settings, quickly add multiple Internet devices to your network:
- Create a separate, secure, password protected network for guests
- Limit access time and websites with Parental Controls
- Easily access advanced network settings

State-of-the-Art Security - Keep Wi-Fi freeloaders and Internet threats at bay with WPA/WPA2 security settings.

Benefits of Gigabit - Use the Gigabit Ethernet ports for quicker file sharing between other Gigabit-enabled devices like media servers, hard drives and computers.

Media Hub Home Entertainment Network Storage - 2 Drive Bays No Drives  NMH300 

Media Hub Home Entertainment Network Storage - 2 Drive Bays No Drives NMH300 

You love your media, so treat it well. The Media Hub makes it easy to organize, access, and share your digital video, photos, and music -- around your home and around the world (fees may apply). With massive capacity, intelligent aggregation, and media optimized file-serving capabilities, it's an ideal way to manage your material, enjoy your entertainment and share your memories. Show your media how much you love it -- give it a Hub.

Wireless-G Music Bridge WMB54G

Wireless-G Music Bridge WMB54G 

The Wireless-G Music Bridge lets you bring the digital music streaming to or stored on your computer to your Home Entertainment Center, without running cables through the house.