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WebWatcher - Monitor & Protect your Business, Kids & Data

WebWatcher, LaptopCop, & Interguard are the most advanced and easy to use services for monitoring, controlling, and protecting computers. These products evolved from innovative tools created for the U.S. Coastguard to fight terrorism.


WebWatcher-Get 40% Off 

WebWatcher – The #1 Rated Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher is worlds best selling remote computer monitoring software that invisible monitors and records everything done on any PC. WebWatcher allows you to record keystrokes, block websites and applications, restrict use and take screenshots.

Laptop Cop - The Ultimate Laptop Anti-Theft Software

The most powerful protection against laptop theft or loss. Goes beyond encryption. Activates only when laptop is lost or stolen, protecting and retrieving all contents.

InterGuard – Integrated protection for all internal threats originating from within businesses

Identify, track, and control who accesses your data, what data they access, and what they can and cannot do with that data. Monitor and control all employee computer activity. Increase productivity instantly and conduct investigations into employees’ PC use– even laptops in the field.

Monitor your kids, employees and protect your data

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WebWatcher-Get 40% Off

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