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ClickN KIDS - The Fun Way to Learn to Spell and Read

ClickN KIDS beginning learning solutions for reading and spelling combine research-based curriculum with multi-sensory, interactive technology. Schools and homes in over 100 countries have used our products, ClickN READ Phonics and ClickN SPELL for 6 years! ClickN SPELL and ClickN READ are the only programs guaranteed to teach a child to read and spell. We back it up with our 60-day money back guarantee.  ClickN READ Phonics & ClickN SPELL are online programs that teach beginning and struggling readers & spellers through 200 interactive cartoon animated lessons. Designed as a game, kids love it and parents enjoy the comprehensive assessment reports that detail the child's progress.




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PreK- 5th Grade Reading & Spelling Programs. We Guarantee Reading & Spelling. Try ClickN SPELL & ClickN READ, 100% Guarantee 





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