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GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks is a leading innovator of technology eyewear designed specifically for reducing the eyestrain frequently experienced when viewing computer screens and other digital devices.

GUNNAR produces Digital Performance Eyewear, an optical solution that enhances and improves any screen viewing experience. An innovative solution with patent pending i-AMP technology, GUNNARs provide both immediate and long term benefits to the wearer. With enhanced contrast, increased detail perception, improved ocular microclimate, and reduction in overall glare, the eyewear gives the ultimate viewing experience. Engineered for the most demanding computer users, anyone in front of a screen can benefit from the technology pioneered by GUNNAR.



GUNNAR - Digital Performance Eyewear 


GUNNARs - the world's most advanced digital performance eyewear

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GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear