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Home Exchange - Go Home for the Holidays! Home Exchange is the internet leader in home swapping, the vacation alternative where "You stay in my home while I stay in yours."

With 29,000+ listings in 125 countries, there are over 50,000 Members who take over 100,000 individual vacation trips per year. Are you interested in the trendy, comfortable, cost savings way to travel? Home Exchange is designed for you.




Membership allows unlimited exchanges and costs only $99.95 USD per year, with no additional per-exchange or per-day charges.

Because Members are exchanging homes, accommodations are free and a HomeExchange vacation costs no more than the transportation cost of getting there. Cars are often exchanged, and many meals can be taken at your home away from home, saving you thousands of dollars.

Enjoy the comfort of home, not a hotel - sorry no mini-bar here! Live like a local, not a tourist, shopping at local markets and getting personal recommendations for places to go, things to see and restaurants to try, from your exchange partner and neighbors.

Want to travel more and spend less? Try home exchange for your next vacation. 28,000+ Worldwide Listings. 

House Swapping, first worlwide network since 1997, 28,000 listings in 120 countries 

Hotel rooms are expensive, stay in a loft in Manhattan, a ski condo in Aspen, or a beach house in Australia. It's free. 

The perfect ski vacation. Regional, International Home Swaps. 

The perfect golf vacation. Stay in a comfortable home, no hotel blues. Regional, International Home Swaps. 29,000+ Worldwide Listings. 

The perfect beach vacation. Stay in a comfortable home, no hotel blues. Regional, International Home Swaps.29,000+ Worldwide Listings. 

If you are a pilot, come join the world of Home Exchange